Making Paper

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I discovered a remarkable property of water during a papermaking workshop taught by Lorena Salcedo-Watson, Gallery North, Setauket, NY.  Many pairs of wet hands stirred and sieved and sculpted. But in the end, it was water that made the paper.

Adding torn, soaked paper pulp to a blender filled with water, we pulsed it so finely that it essentially thickened the water. Blending in other fibrous substances–dried flower petals, corn husk fibers, even a cut-up currency note from Costa Rica–gave each handmade sheet its character. Using a screen mounted to a hand-held frame, we sieved the pulp into a sheet. Watching the water drain, the paper formed.


“This is simple,” said Lorena Salcedo-Watson, below, left. “You need to dedicate yourself to this.”




July 4th, Historic North Fork, Long Island

© Miranda Gatewood-4739Independence Day has been celebrated on eastern Long Island’s historic North Fork a bit longer than other locales like Suburban Nassau County. Yet even Nassau County eschewed its potato fields, farms and pumpkin patches as recently as the 1940s and ’50s to make way for the post-war baby boom development. Arrowheads from Long Island’s original dwellers can still be found there. ♠

The “Bike Guy”

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I met Javier, the self-proclaimed “Bike Guy” at Iron Pier, on the Long Island Sound, Jamesport, NY, as he was about to return to Patchogue–a good 60-mile round trip–on those two wheels he holds so high.  “Take my picture!” he exclaimed, handing me his phone. Elated, he posed for me briefly before getting back to the task at hand–going home.

Domestic Photo Safari™ Field Trips

© Miranda Gatewood-1-4Now offered through Gallery North, 90 North Country Road, Setauket, NY (631) 751-2676. Choose one or more of these dates:

Sat., July 1

Fri., July 7

Sat., July 8

Wed., Aug. 2

Thurs., Aug .17

Sat., Aug. 19

Sun., Aug. 20

Thurs., Aug 24

Five hours of essential photography instruction with personalized attention to take your vision to the next level! Inclement weather will cancel and a workshop will be held indoors. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, meet at Gallery North where you will receive an itinerary. You provide your own transportation. Your Domestic Photo Safari™  includes stops at the best photo destinations, overlooks, parks, waterfronts and iconic landmarks as well as comfort stop(s), snacks and beverages. We return to Gallery North to enjoy a late lunch while viewing a critique of the days work. Sign up today!

Deadline: June 30 for the July 1 Domestic Photo Safari™


“Inside the Studio” exhibition, Gallery North, Setauket, NY, June 23 – 30, 2017

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Showcasing the work of Gallery North’s teachers and students and celebrating the creativity and achievements of young students from the ArtVentures program. Opening Reception Fri., June 23, 5 to 7 pm.  90 North Country Road, Setauket, NY. 631.751.2676

Summer Open-House is concurrent with the reception from 5 to 7 pm. Join Gallery North’s “Art Lovers” Membership Program. Become a member and enjoy 10% off classes year-round. Sign up for workshops on the day of the Open-House and receive a 10% discount. Download the flyer at this link:

Summer workshops Open-House 2017

Update: Kudos to  Gallery North Logo  and many thanks to the buyer of the piece I had on display in the “Inside the Studio” exhibition.

Instagram: Pure Visual Communication


Bob, whose portrait you are viewing, asked me if this were an example of the “Rule of Thirds”, something he gleaned from listening in on a Digital Photography Workshop that I teach. No. This is the Rule of Fourths.

Actually, it is a cross, an archetypal symbol. Photography is a language and images can be coded with a wealth of information. Some of it is so succinct that it supersedes words. Pictures can make you want to do things: reach out to others, protect helpless babies, become indignant over injustice… Everyone has a camera phone at the very least. So, use your skills wisely.

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